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London's XOYO Hints at New Club Location in Birmingham

Posters have appeared across Birmingham suggesting that a new music venue is coming to the city. The cryptic artwork states ‘All We Wanna Do Is Dance’ followed by ‘A music venue for Birmingham from the people of Birmingham’. Included is a QR code that takes you to a website and a countdown clock.

A quick search online also shows a new Instagram account @xoyobirmingham that repeats the poster messaging but also reveals ‘sister venue to @xoyoldn’. Joining these dots together points towards a plan by renowned London club brand XOYO to open XOYO in Birmingham.

There is no more information about where the venue will be or what Birmingham clubbers can expect from it. However, XOYO London has built a reputation as one of the capital’s leading clubs with high-profile residencies from the likes of Andy C, Interplanetary Criminal, Goldie, Heidi, Flava D, and many more.

The information available so far puts an emphasis on a venue for Birmingham from the people of Birmingham suggesting a sister venue that stands alone from London with a focus on the second city.

According to the countdown, all will be revealed 50 days from now. Sign up for more information at


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