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Latest Research Shows House Music as Top UK Club Genre


According to recent research by A2D2, house music has been identified as the most favoured genre in UK clubs.

According to a study conducted by Resident Advisor using data from 2024, it was discovered that house music was the most popular genre, with a total of 2,203 events across nine cities in the UK, including London, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Edinburgh.

According to the data, techno is the top-rated genre in cities like Newcastle, Belfast, Glasgow, and Aberdeen, with 1,375 events scheduled for 2024. In terms of overall popularity, techno ranks second. In Sheffield, jazz is the second most favoured genre.

The research shows that Birmingham is known for having a diverse range of musical preferences, with drum & bass being the most popular club music genre, closely followed by Afrobeats and grime. On the other hand, Dundee values disco as their top-rated club music genre.

Check out the infographic provided and examine the complete findings of the A2D2 study here.


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