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Kristian Heikkila releases new techno EP, 'Bounce'

Kristian Heikkila
Kristian Heikkila

Kristian Heikkila is a Swedish artist fresh from his latest hardgroove techno EP on Hertz’s record label Sway, and he follows up with a three-track release on his own imprint, Konstruktion.


Bounce is the title of the new EP from Kristian Heikkila and he has decided to showcase a soulful blend of dark techno with machine funk and hypnotising grooves. With a sound that has some similarities to the likes of Robert Hood, this release has a driving groove that incorporates hints of jazz too.


This is the first Konstruktion release since 2021, but Kristian Heikkila has also featured his sound on other labels such as Gynoid Audio, Second State and Naked Lunch.


The release opens with the title track, “Bounce,” which has jazzy synth bursts and fast-paced hi-hats layered over a solid kick drum and ground shaking bassline.


Soul” is the next track on this release that has the biggest similarity to Robert Hood, as the soulful vocals and distinctive lead synth make this a standout track that’s carried forth by raw percussion.


Lost Rider” is a trippy cut that closes the release with building suspense and eerie atmosphere, while the pounding drums maintain a peak time flow of energy.


Buy the release HERE.


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