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Chris Veron, AXXX7en drop peak time techno single, “No House”

Chris Veron
Chris Veron

Chris Veron is back on his record label KickFire with a fast-and-furious techno single that presents his alter ego AXXX7en.

Living in Freiburg, Chris Veron is a German artist known for his tantalising style of peak time techno that combines powerful percussion with invigorating synth lines. He is a skilled DJ and accomplished producer who has released music on respected record labels such as Unrilis, Set About, Say What?, Codex, Riot and Reload.

"Your House" is the solo track on this release, and it pays homage to a dance music classic with iconic vocals. Using the anthemic "My House Is Your House" vocal phrase which has been chanted on many a dance floor for decades, this release creates a whole new backing track.

The track opens with the pulsating rhythms of a rumbling bass line, while the slamming kick drum holds the groove steady. The pitched down vocals create an ominous vibe, and filter in during the suspense of the first breakdown. A trippy melody and stabbing low-end synth add to the unfolding intensity as the track delivers its pounding techno groove.

Buy the release HERE.


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