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Grum elevates to a "Higher State" ahead of his first live act tour!

Having spent the best part of a year locked away in the studio, this year has seen the return of one of Dance musics most uplifting artists.

This years new music on new imprint "Being" - has been a interesting evolution for the previously Anjuna based artist, the new music all has a certainly more punchy sound, more euphoric and less deep, remeniscent of Orbitals early work or Biceps more recent arpeggiated bangers. It's a bigger sound that feels more in sync with his roots.

Higher State is the latest record, and this one really has that cathartic payoff. Incredible synth work paired with vocals that feel just right.

As part of the new package, Grum is just about to set off on his first ever live act tour - not a laptop in sight. Find out more about this US Tour at (US folks only this time)

30/5 @itlldoclub - - Dallas

31/5 @villagestudioslife- - Vancouver

01/6 @audiosf - - San Francisco

07/6 @spybar - Chicago

08/6 @silobrooklyn - - Brooklyn

13/6 @larimerlounge - - Denver

14/6 @sound_nightclub - - Los Angeles

15/6 @bauhaus_houston - - Houston


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