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Keenan Mathias prepares "Motions / Closer To" on The Tabula Rasa Record Company

Record Sounds Like: Ross From Friends, Joy Orbison, Cameo Blush

Keenan Mathias's latest tracks, "Motions" and "Closer To," are a compelling showcase of his eclectic and experimental spirit, deeply rooted in his search for sonic perfection.

"Motions" unfolds with a captivating, slow-building intro, setting the stage with rhythmic complexity and finely chopped vocals. The track deftly combines a driving bassline with a spacious and melodic breakdown, striking a perfect balance between energy and introspection. It reflects a mastery of blending percussive elements with emotive melodies, creating an immersive and evocative soundscape.

"Closer To" contrasts with more immediate intensity, maintaining the finesse and depth of its counterpart. The track is driven by a robust beat and further enriched by subtle vocal textures, echoing a sophisticated blend of danceability and atmospheric depth. It invites listeners to explore its layers, revealing a nuanced and dynamic experience.

Together, "Motions" and "Closer To" encapsulate Mathias's talent for merging nostalgic influences with forward-thinking dance music. Each track narrates a distinct aspect of his artistic journey, marked by raw emotion and innovative sound design. Mathias stands as a fast-rising visionary in electronic music, pushing boundaries and honing his unique sonic identity.


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