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Jean Claude Ades and Re.You come Together on Scorpios Music

Stick together during challenging times. This is the powerful message conveyed in Jean Claude Ades and Re.You’s new melodic house cut, Together.

Written with the current turbulence in mind, Jean Claude Ades and Re.You’s new collaboration Together carries a theme of hope and unity. By blending real piano recordings with a variety of synth sounds, including Novation peak, Prophet VS and Jupiter 8V, the track creates an uplifting yet profound sound. In the words of Jean Claude, “Whether society is divided, in times of war, or experiencing the loss of love, it is only through unity that we can rediscover ourselves and our humanity.

Jean Claude Ades has been a fixture on the global scene for the past two decades, elevating international stages and high-profile residencies with his unique, signature take on electronic music. Currently the key resident of the legendary Sunday party at Scorpios Mykonos, Jean Claude remains true to his calling - taking dancefloors on a musical journey that transcends genre boundaries.

Re.You is a producer, DJ and label boss who has transcended what’s ‘hot’ to carve out his own pathway, picking up a dedicated fanbase and worldwide bookings in the process. As well as being a renowned producer since 2009, Maier also runs a successful record label, LSF21+, spotlighting his expert ear for quality music and supporting his talented circle of industry peers. With a career spanning over a decade and a half, and with releases on some of the most prestigious labels on the circuit, Re.You’s passion for his craft remains at an all-time high.

Founded in Mykonos in 2015, Scorpios is an inclusive gathering place meant to galvanize the artistic, spiritual, and social life of the community and encourage people from all walks of life to engage, inspire, and revel in conversation. Its record label offshoot is a home for artists who push forward the catalytic power of sound. Carefully curated as a journey between cultures, the label puts out music that aims to connect, uplift and test the limits of innovation, while revering cultural traditions from around the globe.


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