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Janeret makes his FUSE debut with ‘Quasar’

When it comes to artists at the forefront of France’s rich house and minimal scene, a name at the top of most people’s lists would have to be Janeret. A core figure at the heart of Paris’ electronic landscape and a key part of the Yoyaku family, a flag-bearer of the country’s now globally renowned minimal landscape, the Joule boss has grown and evolved to bring his unique take on the genre to the masses with a selection of diverse releases via the likes of Up The Stuss, Berg Audio and Rutilance Recordings. Having featured on line ups for London mainstays FUSE while also playing for their sister label LOCUS, March welcomes the Frenchman’s first music on the label as he makes his debut with five slick productions across his expansive EP, ‘Quasar’.

Title track ‘Quasar’ is a bumping peak-time affair as skipping drums meet sweeping pads and echoed vocals, while ‘Elevated’ brings a warping, tunnelling bassline accented by breaks-influenced drums and spiralling electronics for yet more energy-charged output. On the flip, vinyl-only effort ‘Murk’ is driving late-hours effort armed with punchy kicks, further vocal interjections and hefty low-ends, with tight drum and fluctuating synths guiding the groove of ‘Spire’. Closing proceedings, digital exclusive ‘Pitch’ showcases signature Janeret sonics old and new, merging snaking grooves with dubby chords for a rich and peppy journey through soundscapes.

Janeret's ‘Quasar’ is available via FUSE.

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