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Interview/Mix: Louis Millne - Rising Through the Underground

Updated: Apr 15

Louis Millne

Louis Millne, a burgeoning talent from the UK, is poised to make his mark on the underground music scene with his latest release, ‘TIGHTEN UP’, on FREAK. At just 23 years old, Louis has already earned recognition for his electrifying performances at renowned venues like CIRCUS, Creamfields, and ABODE, showcasing maturity and skill beyond his years.

Reflecting on his journey into music, Louis traces his roots back to his university days, when he began honing his craft in DJing and production. He shares, “I’ve been DJ’ing and producing for around five years now! It started out at University, just playing house parties and the like, and then when we went into COVID, like many people, I took the time to learn/develop a skill, which was DJ/producing for me.”

Check out Louis' exclusive UNDRCTRL Mix below:

Louis’s ability to effectively promote himself as an artist has been instrumental in his ascent. By sharing unreleased music with fellow DJs and cultivating a presence beyond the studio through social media, he has successfully built a loyal following eager to support his musical endeavours. “Promoting myself as an artist is always an interesting one,” he remarks. “Receiving DJ support on upcoming and unreleased music is always a massive help when it comes to promoting a track, so sending out my music early has really helped in the past.”

‘TIGHTEN UP’, Louis’s debut on FREAK, is a testament to his evolving style and artistic vision. With its dark, sample-based sound, the track has garnered widespread acclaim from industry heavyweights like Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, and Iglesias, setting the stage for Louis’s imminent prominence. Describing his latest release, Louis expresses his excitement, stating, “It’s a release I’m really excited to get out and feel Freak was the perfect label for the darker, sample-based cut.”

Despite his rapid ascent, Louis remains grounded, prioritising mental health amidst the highs and lows of the music industry. “Taking care of your mental health is obviously so important for everyone,” he emphasises. “For artists going back and forth with labels/events, it can be tough as there is a lot of rejection.”

Louis’s creative process is a fluid and dynamic journey, drawing inspiration from diverse sources and constantly pushing the boundaries of his sound. “My creative process is always changing,” he explains. “It all depends on where the inspiration comes from. If I have an idea for a bassline or a sample, for example, I’ll head into the studio and get it down and work from there!”

As we head towards summer, Louis’s sights are set on Ibiza, where he will debut at Eden for Abode on September 1st, marking a significant milestone in his career. With a packed release schedule and upcoming shows across the UK and EU, Louis Millne is poised to leave his mark on the underground music scene in 2024 and beyond.

Louis Millne



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