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Interview: Manda Moor on her Hot Creations return, breaking through creative blocks and more

Manda Moor facing the camera in her studio

It’s safe to say that the past 24 months have seen Danish/Filipino DJ, producer and label founder Manda Moor surge onto the international house scene with a combination of stand-out releases alongside sets at the likes of Hï (Ibiza), The Beams (London) and Club Space (Miami).

Having made her debut on the label with the excellent ‘The Climax’ EP last year, she recently returned to Hot Creations almost a year to the day with her latest EP as she brought the heat once again with her ‘Picante’ EP - with fellow Mood Child co-founder Sirus Hood joining on remix duties. You can buy/stream it here:

“I’m extremely happy to have my second release in a row on Hot Creations. The ‘Picante’ EP is about embracing your extra spice. We all have that special sauce that makes us unique and hot. I believe my spicy side is from my Filipino roots, and even though I don’t like spicy foods, I am trying to educate my pallet to enjoy more picante fire in my life! I hope you feel that heat.” - Manda Moor.

To honour the release of her chart-topping EP and ongoing success, we caught up with Manda for an immersive chat about her recent achievements and industry life:

Hey, Manda, Thanks for joining us. When did you first get into producing music, and what/who has been your biggest inspiration?

Hey, thanks for having me. I first started producing in 2019, right after my trip to Chicago, where I met some of house music’s biggest legends. They greatly inspired me, and still do every day.

Could you tell us about the journey behind your latest release, ‘Picante’, on Hot Creations?

I was experiencing bad artist’s block. I was not happy with what I was doing, I felt very stuck, and when I was producing Picante, I just couldn’t finish it. But I knew it had potential! It took me three months before I could finally get the perfect hook. I couldn’t start any other projects before finishing this one; that’s how frustrating it was. I’m happy I didn’t give up because it’s the best one I’ve ever made. I was planning for it to go on my label Mood Child, and I wasn’t expecting Jamie Jones to want to sign a second Hot Creations EP. However, when he asked, it was something I could not refuse. My next mission was to get the perfect EP, so Sirus Hood made the hottest remix, and then I made another track, ‘Tabasko’ as a B side, et voilà!

Congratulations on that #1 release spot, by the way. How did it feel to see ‘Picante’ reach the top spot on Beatport’s tech house release chart?

It feels surreal because I know how many tracks are released daily, especially in the tech house genre. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and I’m so grateful for the support it’s getting.

As a female artist in the industry, have you faced any unique challenges or obstacles? If so, how have you overcome them?

As a woman, I do believe that I’m watched more and have to be more careful with everything I do in general. But I mostly feel that being a female artist should be positive, and I should be able to make it an advantage in many ways. There are not too many of us, but we are put forward and celebrated!

You recently played at Awakenings Festival, known for its high-energy techno and house music. How did you prepare for that set, and how did the crowd respond to your music?

I was very excited to play at this festival because I was playing an early set (2 pm), and I got to play tracks I don’t usually play. I prepared a groovy daytime selection of tracks, but not too cute because I also know that Awakenings is known for hard techno. My selection was composed of high-quality House/Minimal House artists like Dyed Soundorom, Traumer, and Archie Hamilton, so I made sure to warm up in that direction properly. When I started, it was empty, but I finished to a full stage which was very satisfying. I wasn’t expecting big reactions due to the early slot, but the crowd went off and was grooving big time. I loved playing there!

What is your favourite venue or festival have you played at, and why?

Caprices Festival was absolutely impeccable. The location is surreal (2,200m high in the Swiss Alps), the crowd is one of the best I’ve seen, and the production is perfect. Club-wise, playing at the wild corner of Hï Ibiza for our Mood Child parties was some of my favourite experiences! We created eternal magic in those toilets, and I can’t wait to announce the next Mood Child there. I also love playing at Amnesia Ibiza for Paradise and Elrow. One show I’m particularly excited about in the near future is Space Miami on June 17th. I will play on the Terrace for the first time in one of my favourite clubs in the world.

Are there any artists that you would love to collaborate with in the future?

Of course, who wouldn’t want to collab with their favourite artists!? I’d dream of a collab with Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, DJ Sneak, Loco Dice, and so many more!

Manda Moor facing the camera on a white background

How do you stay inspired and motivated to create new music?

I don’t hesitate to take breaks. If I don’t feel like producing, I won’t do it. Sometimes I won’t produce for weeks, but during this time, I get inspired by other artists I look up to. I search through the music I love playing and the vinyl records I dig up. I also get a little help with micro-dosing. This is a recipe for me to get into a producing phase where I can actually get some magic done.

What advice would you give aspiring female artists starting in the music industry?

To not be too hard on herself, to believe in what she’s doing, and to respect herself so that she can be appreciated by others. She should take the time she needs to make career decisions, like releasing her first productions. Nothing should be a rush, and everything should always be done with passion and love. She should get out to parties and events, introduce herself to key artists, network and meet people. And most importantly, she should love herself!

What are your plans for the rest of 2023 regarding new releases or collaborations?

Very excited about what’s coming. I have my next release on my label Mood Child, a four track-EP in collaboration with my dear friend Trangaz. I also have a huge remix coming on the legendary Cecille Records. I’m preparing the upcoming releases on Mood Child with a massive VA featuring tracks from some amazing artists and the big return of Mood Edits. I’m also working on more projects and exciting collaborations that I look forward to sharing soon!

Manda Moor’s ‘Picante’ EP is available to buy/stream via Hot Creations.

Manda Moor

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