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Interview: Getting to Know Sweden-based techno DJ/Producer, Linus Beatskip

Linus Beatskip
Linus Beatskip

Linus Beatskip is a techno artist from Sweden whose peak time style has proven popular with DJs ranging from Maceo Plex to Joseph Capriati.

Beatskip Records is Linus Beatskip’s own record label, and he closed 2023 with a release on the imprint called ‘Subliminal Hypnosis’ that featured his original track plus remixes by Mac Vaughn, Paul Prior and River 44.

2024 is set to be a big year for Linus Beatskip whose style has been compared to others such as Thomas Schumacher and Julian Jeweil.

We caught up with Linus Beatskip to discover more about his latest release and his plans for 2024…

Hi Linus, what is it you like most about techno, and who are some of your DJ or production idles?

“I can confidently say that techno has a unique power to engage every single sense in me. It has the ability to transport me to an entirely different realm, full of emotion and energy. It makes me feel alive!


I love the diversity in techno and its subgenres, from the high-paced and energetic tracks to the slower and more chilled-out tunes. Regardless of the tempo or vibe, the common intention is to bring a sense of harmony to the listener. There's an unexplainable feeling that comes with a good techno track, it's a feeling that vibrates from the low-end, and deepens when the breakdown hits.


When it comes to the production side, there's an art to it. It's easy to get lost in the sounds and experiment, creating something different every time. This is one of the key components that makes techno so special; no two tracks will ever be the same. It's like art that is constantly being reinvented.


The culture that surrounds techno is something that I find incredibly inspiring. It's a place where everyone is welcome and there are no rules. There's an infectious feeling of unity and acceptance that you can't find anywhere else. It's this feeling that drives me to continue to produce.


It’s an incredibly powerful genre of music. It helps us escape our worries and live for the moment. It allows us to explore our innermost selves and express our creativity. There are no limits and no boundaries. It's a genre of music that can take you anywhere you want to go.


There are many great producers and DJs and I love the energy from Ramiro Lopez, Spartque, T78, A*S*Y*S, Kaspar, Rebekah, Alignment and so many others. I can go on forever here and talk about their styles and what really touches me.” 


Tell us about where you are based and your involvement with the local music scene?


“I’m based in the southern part of Sweden outside Malmö, which is very close to Denmark and Copenhagen. It’s easy for me to get to the rest of Europe from where I am located, so I actually don’t do anything with the local music scene at the moment. Instead, I like to travel to places like Ibiza, Berlin and Amsterdam to find more inspiration, meet and connect with people in the industry and take part in various music festivals.”


You run a record label called Beatskip Records, and I’d like to learn more about this project?


“I’ve always had a dream of creating my own record label and having greater control over my art and music. I knew it would be a huge undertaking, but I wasn’t prepared for just how much work it would require. I was determined to make it work and I’m now starting to see the fruits of my labour.


From releases to promotions and to distribution, every step of the process requires careful consideration and even more effort. I’m learning quickly that many of the tasks associated with running a label require more than just creativity – they require a great deal of resources and dedication. I’m also starting to understand why labels, promoters and distribution services take such high percentages of the profits.


Though it can become overwhelming at times, I feel the most pride in the fact that I can express my music in more than just a single track. Through graphics, videos and promotional materials, I’m finally able to share my unique sound with the world. I’m also able to develop more meaningful connections with my fans and followers, letting them into the creative process behind my music.


Creating my own label has been an incredible journey so far and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me. It’s definitely not an easy road, but I’m confident that I’ll eventually be able to make it work. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of having control over your music, take the leap and start your own label - it’s an opportunity unlike any other and you won’t regret it.”


The new release on Beatskip Records is a track you produced called “Subliminal Hypnosis” and it would be great to learn more about its concept?


“When I produced my track “Hypnosis” under the Rock Bottom alias I later wished it to take more of a big room techno approach and realised that I wanted to delve even deeper and create something that’s even more intense and mesmerising. That’s how ‘Subliminal Hypnosis’ EP was born.


Subliminal Hypnosis is a track unlike any other. It is built from a variety of elements, including a thick and heavy bassline, sharp, punchy percussion, and synth chords that create a dreamy atmosphere. The track is crafted to be continuously loopable, to the point where it can go on forever.


The track's hypnotic quality is what makes it so special. It is like a dream, where you are taken to a different realm with each passing minute. It carries an air of mystery, as if there is something hidden beneath the surface waiting to be discovered. It becomes even more immersive when combined with my visuals where you travel into the eye.


My ‘Subliminal Hypnosis’ EP is a true testament of my passion for techno, and the desire to create something that speaks to the soul. Its ability to alter your state of consciousness, and take you on a never-ending journey, makes this track an absolute must listen. If you’re looking to be taken on an intense and captivating journey, then this track is for you. It’s timeless and hopefully a new classic.”


Subliminal Hypnosis has an interesting selection of remixes, and I’m curious to know why you picked each of the remix artists?


“When "Subliminal Hypnosis" was finished I felt that it deserved some remixes to broaden the sonic landscape and introduce the listener to different worlds of techno yet still maintain a cohesiveness under the techno umbrella. I was truly impressed with the work of the three producers chosen to reinterpret the original track. They each brought their unique style and passion to the project, creating remixes that were both faithful to the original's hypnotic groove and raw edge, while also adding their own distinctive flair.


Mac Vaughn's Peak Time Techno remix was particularly energetic and upbeat, with a driving bassline and infectious melody that had me moving and wanting more, again and again, without even realising it. Paul Prior's Dub remix, on the other hand, was more atmospheric and mesmerising, with a hypnotic rhythm that gradually enveloped me in its entrancing soundscapes. Finally, River 44's Minimalistic Techno remix ventured into darker territory, with ominous synths and a brooding atmosphere that left me feeling chilled and introspective.


The Subliminal Hypnosis EP is a masterful collection of tracks that will transport you to a variety of different realms, depending on your mood. If you're looking for something to relax and unwind to with a mesmerising sound landscape, Paul Prior's Dub remix is the perfect choice. If you're feeling energised and ready to dance, Mac Vaughn's Peak Time Techno remix is the one for you. And if you're seeking something more introspective and thought-provoking, River 44's Minimalistic Techno remix is the way to go.


With its diverse range of remixes and hypnotic soundscapes, Subliminal Hypnosis is an EP that has something to offer every techno fan. It's a must-have for any collection and a testament to the enduring power of techno to transport and mesmerise its listeners.”


What’s been your biggest achievement of the last 12 months, and what made it such a special moment?


“This year has been nothing short of phenomenal. I've expanded my label Beatskip Records (, producing a plethora of releases that I'm incredibly proud of. I've also launched a sub-label called Beatskip Dance (, where I've released two singles under my alter ego, Rock Bottom (


To top it all off, I've started Beatskip Gear - streetwear for the savage ( Several items from the collection have already sold out, and I'm thrilled with the response. 


However, nothing compares to the overwhelming success of my latest release, the 'Subliminal Hypnosis' EP and its remixes. I'm beyond ecstatic that it's already topping Beatport charts and climbing on others. The instant and positive reception it's received has me deeply humbled and grateful.


To all my fans, thank you for your support! It means a lot to me and has been a major motivation.”


What are you most excited for in 2024?


“With a strong foundation in place, 2024 promises to be an even more remarkable year for my musical endeavours. I'm currently immersed in the creation of new tracks, eager to share my ever-evolving sound with the world.


Exciting collaborations and releases on renowned labels are on the horizon, expanding my reach and introducing my music to a wider audience.


Additionally, after a brief hiatus, I'm overjoyed to reclaim my turntables and reconnect with the electrifying energy of DJing. The anticipation of once again captivating the dance floor fuels my passion and determination to make 2024 a year of unprecedented artistic growth.”



Thanks for taking the time to run through this interview, is there anything you would like to add before we finish?


“Embracing the rhythm, let your soul take flight, 

Unleashing the dancer's spirit, bathed in radiant light. 

For music's embrace can touch every heart,

And within its depths, new worlds we impart.


Step beyond the boundaries, where conformity lies,

And let your inner compass guide through life's skies.

Embrace the melodies that resonate within,

Unveiling hidden talents, where creativity begins.


Through the rhythm's sway, let inhibitions fade,

As passion ignites, emotions cascade.

Move with abandon, let your spirit soar,

In the tapestry of music, where dreams are born.


For music is the language of the soul,

A symphony of emotions, making us whole.

So dance with abandon, let your spirit ignite,

And explore the boundless worlds within your sight.”


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