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Interview: Getting to Know Parisian Duo Lasko & Camilo Morales

Lasko and Camilo Morales are a budding production duo fresh from the Parisian house scene. The pair met through a collective for international DJs launched by Lasko, known as Rhythms, where they realised their mutual irrepressible love for house music.

Ever since then, they have taken their groove-driven sound to labels like Distance and Flashmob, and more recently, they debuted on Adesso Music with ‘Flip The Beat’. You can buy/stream it here:

We caught up with the duo to talk about their Adesso debut and got to know them a little better in the process:

Can you tell us about your background and experience as DJs and producers?

Lasko: I’ve been DJing for 15 years in Paris, in all kinds of clubs and genres. This was a great experience that led me to open my own music studio, where I started teaching djing and had the chance to become a native instruments ambassador. Having so many students is a great way to meet people interested in electronic music, and music production came as a natural next step, especially when I met Camilo.

Camilo: I come from a classical music background, being an opera singer for more than 20 years. But I was always interested in other genres, especially house music. I started producing electronic music as a hobby and quickly realised that I wanted to do that professionally and that DJing was part of the game. That’s how I met Lasko!

What motivated you to work with Junior Jack’s Adesso Music for your latest release

Camilo: First, the music! We really liked Adesso’s artistic direction.

Lasko: And from the start, we had a great feeling about Adesso’s professionalism. They made it very clear they are the kind of label that will push their tracks and had a genuine interest in our music. It has been a real pleasure to work with them!

How do you stay updated on industry trends and incorporate them into your music?

Lasko: We listen to a lot of music through every means possible: new releases, Spotify recommendations, music that students bring me, etc.

Camilo: I think we don’t intentionally incorporate things we hear into our music; it’s done more subconsciously. And we never try to replicate a specific sound or groove.

Have you faced any challenges while working on any releases? If yes, how did you overcome them?

Camilo: I wouldn’t call it challenges, but depending on the label, we sometimes had to work a lot on the marketing/promo side of our releases. At first, we weren’t prepared for that.

Lasko: Now that we have more experience, it gets easier to develop a good and productive relationship with labels.

How do you manage multiple tasks and responsibilities while working on different projects as a duo?

Lasko: That really depends. Usually, one of us brings a new idea, like a beat or even an almost finished track, and the other takes over with 100% freedom to change whatever he wants. During production sessions at the studio, usually, there’s only one of us actually being hands-on, while the other is more listening and giving feedback

Camilo: If we’re working on the general groove, like drums, percussions, melodic ideas, that would be my area. Lasko takes over if we’re bringing the final touches on the arrangement, making some specific sound design stuff, or working on build-up and drops. But that’s just in general.

How do you promote effective communication and collaboration within your partnership?

Camilo: Very easy. 100% honesty and no ego

Lasko: We don’t waste time arguing. If one of us doesn’t like an idea, there’s no trying to convince him. We instantly move on to something new. And we work like that both creatively and on the business side.

Have you ever encountered conflicts or disagreements during the creative process? How do you resolve them?

Lasko: No, actually, with our way of communicating, there’s not been a single conflict

Camilo: Especially in the creative process. We are very conscious of each other’s strengths, so it has been very easy to determine who’s better at what.

Can you share an example of a difficult decision you had to make as DJs and producers? How did you handle it?

Camilo: There’s not a particular one that comes on top of my mind. Maybe the past few months in general?

Lasko: Yes, we just moved to a new music studio and are working on some partnerships to promote our own events in Paris that will take place in the coming months. This has been a lot of work and made us slow down on the music production side. This is not ideal, but we agreed to go through that process because we wanted to be more in control of things on the DJ side in Paris.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance with demanding careers in the music industry?

Camilo: sometimes we just don’t! But for me, the fact that I live between France and Colombia is super important. In Colombia, I live a quiet life, which makes me even more creative.

Lasko: Fortunately, we can rely on each other. This is a great upside to working as a duo.

Lastly, what can we expect from Lasko & Camilo Morales over the rest of 2023?

Lasko: As we said, you’ll see us a lot more on the Parisian scene, so stay tuned; announcements are coming!

Camilo: And lately, we’ve been back cooking some nice tracks. Surely you’ll hear about them very soon!

Lasko & Camilo Morales’ ‘Flip The Beat’ EP is available to buy/stream via Adesso Music.


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