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Interview: Exploring The World of Tunisian DJ/Producer MOOD

Welcome to Simplexia’s exhilarating new adventure with MOOD. In this journey, they invite you to experience the liberation of expression, where the dancefloor becomes a canvas for pure ecstasy.

The ‘Crucial’ EP marks the beginning of this odyssey, featuring three original tracks and two electrifying remixes. Each composition boasts Simplexia’s signature whimsical sound—a fusion of catchy melodies, dynamic House/Break-Beat/Electro rhythms, and an irresistible aura of celebration. Naux’s rendition of “Oblivion” ignites the dancefloor with its French House roots, transforming it into a sonic bombshell. Meanwhile, Adrià infuses his unique touch into “Electric Tribe,” channelling a distinct Electro vibe that sets it apart from the original.

With its infectious energy and innovative reimaginings, this release is a must-have addition to any music fan’s collection. You can grab your copy via

Following this release, we meet MOOD, its creator, for an all-telling interview. 

Can you share some music that influenced you in making this new EP? 

I’ve been inspired by a fusion of house and underground electronic sounds. The simplicity of house beats mixed with the experimental edge of underground music has influenced the style of crucial ep , creating a unique blend of house and underground vibes in the EP.

After this EP, what is next for you as a producer? Are there any further releases planned, or are there any upcoming gigs that people can catch you playing?

After this EP, I have future releases planned with Symbiotical, NTRL Records, Miura, and Eddisco, a local label from Tunisia. Additionally, I’m in talks with Donnie Cosmo about a release on his label, Shuffle Valley. There’s also plenty of work in progress with Simplexia. Keep an eye out for updates on upcoming gigs and releases!

Regarding bookings, while I’m not currently booked locally or internationally, I’m keeping an open mind and staying hopeful for opportunities in the future. As we know, DJing is a true inspiration to music production, so I’ll continue to focus on crafting and sharing my sound while remaining open to whatever comes my way.

You’re a native of the African country of Tunisia, could you tell us about what’s going on there in terms of music and how electronic music became a part of your life?  

In recent years, there’s been a growing interest in electronic music, with vibrant underground scenes emerging in cities like Tunis

Growing up in Tunisia, I found a community of like-minded individuals who shared my enthusiasm for electronic music, and together, we’ve been shaping and evolving our own unique soundscape within the global electronic music scene.

Are there any other Tunisian artists you would like to mention so that people can discover more of your local scene? 

Absolutely, Tunisia’s electronic music scene has a wealth of talent that deserves recognition. In addition to Hearthug, Hamdi Ryder, Melkart, Scyla, Amine Benali, Moez, Volka, and Zaida from Fantasy Community, who are all making waves with their unique sounds, I’d like to mention a few more names to keep an eye on, such as Amine Trabelsi, Bedoui, and Soohigh_l from Jardins Festifs.

The upcoming festival by Fantasy Community promises to be a highlight of Tunisia’s electronic music calendar this summer.

Are there any particular things people should know about Tunisian culture? Is there a specific food you think people should try or something else you see as a source of pride for Tunisia? 

Tunisian culture is rich and diverse, offering many experiences for visitors to enjoy. One aspect that stands out is our delicious cuisine. One dish that I highly recommend trying is “couscous,” a staple in Tunisian cuisine. Made from steamed semolina grains typically served with stewed vegetables, meat, and flavorful spices, it’s a hearty and satisfying meal that reflects the country’s culinary heritage.

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