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Hot Picks: Tim Taylor picks some Raw Cuts

Tim Taylor is rapidly building a reputation for dark, raw and moody basement cuts, with releases on some of the most respected imprints in the game including Hot Creations, Deeperfect, Planet X, Revival NY and WhT NxT.

It was only a matter of time before Tim made the natural progression to launching his own imprint… Enter Raw Cuts, a new chapter and a home for Tim's productions, giving Tim space to experiment and showcase his inimitable talent. He launches the label with an irresistible double header of ’80s-infused tech house cuts.

We sat down with Tim to find out more about the music that has shaped Tim and the music that has shaped releases like THE FUTURE out now on Raw Cuts.

Jamie Jones - Ruckus This record has been very influential on me, especially recently starting my own label and this being part of the first Hot Creations EP. From 4:30 on it's such a sick sound, dark synth lines, cool bassline and super simple drums. Mega tune this one.

Goofy - Drafters Idea This is a really dark, moving, progressive record that has been almost like what my daydream music is haha. If I'm driving around or doing whatever this is the sort of stuff I have floating around in my head. Really cool use of different textures and sounds, really inspiring this one.

Demuir - Skylar

I’m a huge fan of chords and old-school house vibes so this has to be on the list. I have been loving the whole record for this one with songs like ‘Ruth’ and ‘To know I love you’ on the same release. Just feel good, suns out, good times sort of feel to this one, lots of great production on these too, raw but really smooth and articulate.

MF Doom - So Strange Stepping away from dance music for a minute, I'm a massive fan of MF DOOM. The whole persona and cartoon feel of his music and artwork are just unmatched. Really forward-thinking with super sick sample flips and rap flows. Honestly one of, if not my favourite artists. I chose this record because I recently bought the vinyl from a shop in Denmark and I've been listening to (and sampling) this record a lot, but there is a bottomless list of songs from him I could have put instead.

Z@P - Tracid This one again is almost like a daydream sort of vibe with not all that much going on but just a really cool harmony and use of layered melodies. The 303 and 909 just classically fit perfectly and this tune really shows it. Unreal stuff.

Carl Finlow - Descent Again like the MF DOOM stuff, I could have chosen so many different tracks from this man. Such cool sounds and the use of synths/drum machines. Definitely a big inspiration in my music, primarily because of how he stacks layers and makes them fit together using pockets that keep them all out of the way of each other. That really opened up a whole new perspective for me and has definitely inspired me to make some of the stuff I have.

J Dilla - Don't Cry For any Hip Hop lovers out there they will definitely know this infamous final record from Dilla. I chose this one because it's a personal favorite but again there are so many to choose from in his discography. What inspires me from this is the use of cutting samples and rearranging old ideas into brand-new concepts. Sampling has had a grip on me since college and is something I've spent a lot of time working on in my own music. Records like this really showed me a whole new world that instantly interested me. The edits I have done have been supported by some of the biggest names in the house music scene so without finding these records I don't think I would even be close to what I am at finding and using samples. Got lots more cool things coming on Raw Cuts sampling vinyls I've been loving recently too so definitely keep an eye out for that.


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