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Hot Picks: Tilman Delivers a Classic House Masterclass

Over the past decade Mainz, Germany’s Tilman has been delivering soul infused classic House sounds via the likes of Shall Not Fade, his and Johannes Albert’s Fine imprint and most recently his Pleasant Systems label where he returns with four slamming, vintage-tinged House jams on the ‘Safe Trip’ EP.

Leading the release is ‘Days Like This’, fusing an amalgamation of keys, bumpy bass notes, stuttering vocal lines and resonant synth licks with a gritty drum machine workout. The ‘Lovin (Demolition Dub)’ follows next and embraces a more loop-driven feel courtesy of bright stab sequences, filtered synth sweeps and metallic synth chimes running atop a low-slung drum groove.

‘Before Dawn’ featuring Phonk D opens the b-side and embraces a more organic rhythmic feel alongside airy piano chords, bubbling synth melodies and unfurling atmospherics before ‘On The House (First Round)’ rounds out the EP laying down crisp drums, a raw, murky bass line and circling stab hits.

To celebrate his latest release, we asked Tilman to serve us up his very own Hot Picks assortment:

Big Daddy Kane - Raw

I like some of today's rap but you can not beat the old school masters Slick Rick, KRS, Rakim, G-Rap and Kane completely changed the game late 80's and Big Daddy Kane is one of the best rappers from this era.

Rock The House - A Mr K Mix

Also from the late 80’s era. Danny Krivit is an editing and remixing scientist. It's an unofficial release on the Medley and Bootlegs record label T.D. Records, Inc. The rap is a sample of the "B Boys - Rock The House".

Malcolm McLaren, The Bootzilla Orchestra - Deep in Vogue (Banjie Realness)

The whole album is fantastic! Came out on Epic in 1989. Important to note about this song and Madonna's upcoming Vogue release in 1990 is the very deliberate references from bassline, strings… to MFSB's classic and highly influential disco track Love Is The Message.

Natalie Cole - Pink Cadillac (Dance Remix)

Outstanding remix of this fantastic song. Was a hit in the 80s. Club music at its finest, hot vocals and a fat bassline included. Produced by the guys behind Midnight Star, Reggie and Vincent Calloway.

Serious Intention - You Don't Know (Limited Edition Special Remix)

Sounds like the Paradise Garage all over again! If You Don't Know This Song, You Don't Know House, This Is A Jersey House Classic from Paul Simpson. I don't know why this mix has not more popularity, it's one of my party starters and influences my style of production a lot.

K-Yze - Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body)

This beat! A classic from the golden era of Hip House. Discovered this one from a Tony Humphris mix. Hope this style of music comes back. A rare forgotten and hidden gem. I think this video was filmed at the famous Club Zanzibar.

Blaze - What'cha Gonna Do

I have always loved this record and play it very often. Once it starts you are getting lost. A Paradise classic! Blazes first and arguably their finest effort. Another tune I discovered through Tony Humphris. Especially the Acadub mix influenced my production style a lot.

707 Boyz - Emotions

Emotions is one of the best Italian house tracks in my opinion. Written and arranged by Enrico Mantini and Fabrizio Cini.I love the ambience and the early 90s vibe it gives. The whole record is just fantastic, check Freedom on the B-side! What a tune!

Deep Choice - Fix Of 4:38 AM

Another classic from the Italian Dream House era, also produced by Enrico Mantini. The whole feel, groove and this xylophone melody are outstanding.

Steve "Silk" Hurley - Jack Your Body - Home Made Mix

One of my all time favourite Chicago House tunes. „dum doo doo doo do“. Still sounds as good today. Read that this record reached No. 1 on the UK charts in January 1987. Big fan of Steve „Silk“ Hurley. One of the best!

Rhythm of Paradise - Rydim Of Blak

Excellent tune from today’s Italian house producer Rhythm Of Paradise, who is also featured on Pleasant Systems in the future. This will get everyone dancing right away.

Tillman's 'Safe Trip' EP is out on Pleasant Systems on 16th December 2022.


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