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Hot Picks: Thierry Tomas Serves Up a Selection of Classic House Grooves

Prolific house DJ and producer Thierry Tomas recently teamed up with Belgian producer Pat Lezizmo for a two-tracker on Steve Bug’s home for more reduced, hypnotic, and raw sounds, Sublease Music.

Thierry Tomas (Yevgeniy Nikolaev) first mastered the place for remote control in 2005, starting a career with classic American deep house, and in his further experiments with techno, has always been faithful to the old school of electronic music.

With his latest release out in the open for the world to enjoy, we asked Thierry Thomas to provide us with his very own Hot Picks selection:

Argy - Love Dose (Luciano Remix)

Unbelievable energy! I guess my love with Poker Flat started after this one.

D’Julz - Ze Box

Absolute magic stick makes any party wild.

Oliver Woog, HateLate - La Mèche House

A perfect example of how hypnotic and groovy the tribal rhythm can be!

HateLate – Jazz Klub

Another HateLate track that’s driving me crazy! I like to put some jazz in my tracks all the time, and this one inspires me every time!

Joss Moog - Lili’s Theme Part 2

This dude always amazes me how he samples stuff!! One of my favorite producers!

Hodini - One4Fries

Once again, when I hear jazz inside the house groove, I can’t pass by. Absolutely brilliant!!

Felix Leifur - Hampton

Every time when I hear how this guy makes his kind of a little experimental lofi sound I get impressed! Felix one of the best for me in this direction.

Ritmo Du Vela – That’s my Sound

Massive track!! Always rocks the dance floor!

LeBaron James – Ecoutez

This is how house music sound should be, at least I think so!

Atjazz, Jullian Gomes, Bucie - Out of My Life

Everything is great in this track, vocal, rhythm, melody. But my favorite thing is how it sounds!!! Every time when I need to reload my ears through the production process, I put this track on and my ears thanks me.

Thierry Tomas: Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud


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