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Hot Picks: Rebelo goes beyond the limits of House and Techno

Updated: Apr 25

Another promising project has emerged from the effervescent Brazilian electronic scene, ready to win the hearts and minds of electronic music lovers around the world.

We're talking about Rebelo, an artist who promises to take listeners on a unique sound journey, with strong roots in Groovy Deep Tech and Deep House, but going beyond the limits of House and Techno by incorporating all the background and knowledge that his long journey through the musical universe has brought him.

This is because, despite starting a new phase, Renato Albieri, the name behind the project, already has a remarkable journey under his belt. Born in São Paulo but raised in Texas, the artist fell in love with dance music because his father was head VIP at Pacha Ibiza, but it was when he returned to his hometown that he began to refine his sound. During college, he started DJing under the alias DIRTYCLEAN, but it was with Ne.Hau that he conquered his place in the spotlight.

Together with Danny Marin, the duo has established itself as one of the world's most promising Deep/Tech Minimal projects. Even with the duo's success, Renato decided to venture into new soundscapes, introducing the world to the pseudonym Rebelo. This journey began with the release of the EP "Desvelo", by Dreamode, in partnership with DJ Siniestro, which introduced his sound identity, delving into his roots and exploring new references.

This is just his first work, but we can already tell you that more will be coming soon. That said, Rebelo joins Hot Picks, bringing five choices that represent his current artistic moment and the core of the project:

  1. Supernova - Monty Luke

Nostalgic groove with dubby delays and spacey synthesizers

2. Ju - Antrum (Taumer & Anton)

Precise deep house with very good vocals

3. Waitin' - Mihai Popoviciu

What can I say... It's Mihai Popoviciu!

4. Reverb Nation - Sublee

Intoxicating groove with an interesting and hypnotic melodic part

5. Shake n' Bake - Rebelo

Very danceable. One of my most effective originals lately


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