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Hot Picks: Nathan Alzon joins our inspired artist playlist series

Having emerged from Taipei’s underground music scene, Nathan Alzon arrived on the international scene in style in 2021, with his debut ‘Looking At You’ dropping via ANOTR’s lauded No Art imprint and becoming an early contender for track of the summer.

With further material landing on What NxT, Tamango and Deeperfect, the French-Taiwanese DJ/producer recently dropped an impressive debut on wAFF’s Nature imprint as he became the first artist to appear on the label alongside the head honcho - with Microhertz chief Archie Hamilton on hand to remix the package.

Fresh off his latest release, we asked Nathan to join us for his very own selection as he becomes the next artist to feature on our Hot Picks series:

Nathan Alzon - Midtown Madness Even though this is my own track, I still chose this as one of my hot picks as it’s one of my favourites from my own productions and one that I’m really proud of. I spontaneously made this one night after work, and all the pieces just came together naturally. Listening to or playing this track reminds me of how passionate I am about making music.

Mr. G - U Feel Mi (Kai Alce’s New Feel) I’ve been playing this in so many of my sets. I’ve always been a sucker for jazzy chords and a dirty bassline. This track has both, and it just works so together for me.

Mateo Dufour - That’s Fine I met Mateo in person for the first time at No Art Festival last summer, and he was one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. On top of that, I think he’s a really sick producer and ‘That’s Fine’ hits the spot for me.

Mark Farina - To Do Whenever I listen to this song, I think of that little bike ride through Amsterdam to meet your friends before you all head to a festival together, best.

MN2S - Things We Used To Do (DJ Disciples Slam Jam Mix) Absolute feel-good song. It always delivers whenever I play it out. It’s so simple yet so effective.

Phil Weeks & Dan Ghenacia - Deeper The chords and drums are right up my alley, and all the other weird surrounding elements glue it all together in the best way.

Samuel Deep - SlapTrax, I bought this EP as soon as it came out. Absolute bass face track. Big ups to Samuel Deep for making this.

Edd - Last Saturday I remember finding this song and being really excited to play it at my first gig post-Covid. Every element, from the chords to the drums, give this song so much energy.

Peggy Gou - Six o Six OG Peggy Gou never fails. It’s got such an infectious groove, and I don’t think I’ll get sick of it.

Boo Williams - Make Some Noise This track is definitely my favourite of Boo Williams’ productions. It’s got the most unique elements, and it will forever give me a little bounce from the beginning to the end of the song every time I hear it.

Nathan Alzon's 'Midtown Madness' (incl. Archie Hamilton Remix) is available now via wAFF's Nature label. You can grab your copy here:

Nathan Alzon


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