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Hot Picks: Milica Shares a Selection of Sublime Cuts


Embark on a sonic voyage with Milica, an esteemed artist based in the UK and Ibiza, whose signature blend of tech house and minimal/deep tech captivates audiences worldwide.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of influences, Milica’s music transcends mere entertainment, offering a profound exploration of her personal journey and geographical experiences. Through her meticulous craft, she crafts immersive soundscapes that reflect her upbringing and are a testament to her nomadic lifestyle.

With a keen ear for innovation and an unwavering commitment to artistic integrity, Milica commands attention on any stage she graces, whether it be the iconic Ibiza clubs or the UK’s bustling metropolises. Her performances are a masterclass in sonic storytelling, effortlessly guiding listeners through a labyrinth of pulsating rhythms and hypnotic melodies.

Milica’s latest release is an impressive EP on Stacey Pullen’s recently reinvigorated Blackflag Recordings imprint. Check out the Somebody At Space EP (incl. CHKLTE Remix) below and grab your copy here:

We’re delighted to welcome Milica as our latest Hot Picks guest; we hope you’ll enjoy her playlist as much as we do!

“This list contains some of my timeless/all time favourite tracks, as well as some new tracks I am currently playing in my sets or listening to as inspiration”Milica.

SNAP! - Rhythm Is A Dancer

My 90s playlist is probably my favourite one. I love every single track on it, and this one is never missing.

Reboot - Caminando

Another favourite classic of mine. I remember the goosebumps over my arms and legs when I heard Luciano playing it for the first time. I have always associated it with my first trip to Ibiza, after which I decided to move there.

Mene - Basic Ego

It’s an older track that hasn’t received much recognition or been played much, but the few DJs I have heard playing it put a big smile on my face.

Maty Badini - Sodero

This is a new track I discovered recently, and I’m currently playing it. I would say it has a lot of percussion and synth elements that I like to use in my sets and productions.

Samuele Scelfo & ETH Italy ft Joshee - Take Your Body

This is another track I have been playing this winter. The old-school jungle beats and spacey synths get me in the right mood for the party.

AJ Christou - Back & Forth

This track is so perfectly made. The afro-tech house vibes and then the guitar in the drop. I absolutely love to play it, and I’ve also heard a lot of other DJs playing it.

Sidney Charles - Phantom Jam

One of my favourite producers. When I hear this track, I have a movie, a storyline, a series, or a jazz concert in my head. I never get bored of listening to it, and it can be played at many different parties, styles, and occasions.

Beltran - Smack Yo’

A punchy and powerful track that still has the attention of all the dancefloors.

Amine Edge & DANCE - Lost My Senses

This one is finally out. I was playing the demo version with the original vocal for a long time. It’s a hit for me.

Selma - Inside (Sergio Sergi Remix)

Although it was made eight years ago, it still captivates with its pulsating beats, catchy melodies, and intricate layers of sound.

Milica’s ‘Somebody At Space’ EP is out now via Blackflag Recordings.



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