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Hot Picks: Berlin Duo C'mon Share Absolute Heat


Marco and Luca (C'mon), formerly Hip-Hop and Rap fans, now excel in House and Techno music. Their unique style blends groovy bass lines, catchy melodies, and a mix of positive and gritty vibes. They have performed in various German cities and had a successful tour in Colombia in 2017. Since 2018, they have been organizing the La Playita Music Festival and the Electronic Art Festival in Colombia, returning every winter for South American gigs.

During the pandemic, their focus shifted to music production. In 2021, they released their first EP on Heinz Music, a Berlin-based label. They also started their own collective and label called PRÏMA, alongside Mat.Joe, Otistic, and Ana Cover. The PRÏMA Gang uses their label as an artistic playground.

Check out their latest release below. You can buy it here:

Since then, they have released numerous tracks on PRÏMA as well as on renowned international labels like Saved Records, Club Sweat, Incorrect, and Superfett.

To mark the release of their latest offering, we asked C'Mon to turn in their very own Hot Picks selection:

C’mon, Mat.Joe & Otistic - Serena

As the first release of our new Label PRÏMA, Serena was something special for us because it wasn’t our usual style of music. We made the track during the pandemic, and it really gave us hope. It was just about making music from our hearts and not for the peak time dancefloor.

Röyksopp - What Else Is There? (Trentemøller Remix)

This remix was one of the first Electro tunes we listened to all day. The mix of electronic & organic elements in this remix showed us the versatility of this music genre we had discovered.

Mat.Joe - Heart To Find

An all-time classic Deep House Bomb from our label brothers, which really influenced us back when we first started DJing.

Bad Boombox & MC Yung Lil - WYA

We’ve been listening to this one on repeat these last weeks. So much swag - nothing else to say... 🙏

Herr Krank - French Crush

Herr Krank always with these housey House Vibes 🥵

Luca Donzelli - Vault 24

One of those tracks we had with us for a long time without playing it. Since we played it once, it always finds its way into our sets!

C'mon's 'Kickin' the Bass' is out now on PRÏMA.



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