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Hot Picks: Andy Largo showcases his eclectic musical palate

Andy Largo has been active in the electronic music scene for over 25 years.

Known for his genre-diverse approach, showcasing his love for Deep, tech house and melodic techno, Andy uses his sets to tell captivating stories and take fans on a musical journey. He spends a lot of time in the studio. In early 2020 his first EP ‘Alpha’ was released on Bubblejam.

We asked Andy to share with us some of the music that has shaped his music career to date, in anticipation of his remix on Mixmasters.

Kirik & Alia Palant - Want You

First is the great artist from Ukraine KIRIK together with the lovely singer Alia Palant.

Besides his well-known track “Dance With You” this one makes my body shake with these driving deep tech basslines and dark background pads.

Maya Jane Coles - No Sympathy

One of my all-time classics. My love (musically) for Maya Jane Coles started with this track.

Great producer and always with a special “darkness” in her music.

Jeff Sorkowitz - Fever (Zuckre Remix)

A great deep house remix of the well-known sexy track from the last century.

Alexander Matchak - Machete

Another driving deep house track, just love it at the peak time. The poly rhythm part is great for energy. I also often use it.

Gareth Cole - Courage

Always these driving basslines……. Nothing more to say!

Joren Edwards - Searching For You I´m also a big Minimal Deep Tech lover, especially with these glitchy chords, dark pads and special grooves inspire me always.

J Potter 'Make It WIth You' including the Andy Largo remix is out now on Mixmasters, download or stream here.


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