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gleb filipchenkow feat. Ode & Shiny Head - Felicedade EP incl. Nandu Remix (Secret Fusion)

gleb filipchenkow's new EP on Secret Fusion comes with guest spots from Ode & Shiny Headand a top a Nandu remix and it is a slick release.

Felicidade (Original Mix) opens up with the sort of airy and dreamy grooves that lock you in for a nice gentle ride into deep space. Sensuous vocals arouse the soul as the bass brings the warmth. Felicidade (Nandu Remix) then has a more lovely feel with wispy synths darting about the mix, though the vocals remain in place and the groove is deep. Alegria has nice wooden hits and a lazy feel that sinks you into a reverie as you gaze on at cosmic chords off in the distance. Lava is the best tune of the lot, with lovely sax lines dancing over the languid and elastic grooves. It's a cultured cut for sure.

House music doesn't get much more vibes than this.


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