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Fordal Returns to Forensic Records With ‘Alleviate’ Including Luis Damora Remix

Fordal and Luis Damora

Dive into the mesmerising sounds of Fordal as he triumphantly returns to the electronic music scene with his latest single, 'Alleviate.' Following the success of his debut release last summer, the northeast UK-born DJ/producer showcases his artistic evolution and sonic prowess in his latest offering. Download/stream it here:

This new release from Fordal takes listeners on a sonic journey, exploring the realms of deep melodic progression. The haunting vocals seamlessly guide us to the centrepiece breakdown, where a brilliant time-stretched build creates an anticipatory atmosphere, leading to the much-anticipated drop. The result is a twisted and dark composition yet undeniably beautiful, showcasing Fordal's versatility and skill as an electronic artist.

Adding an extra layer of excitement to this already stellar release, we journey back to Madrid for a remix by none other than Spain's progressive maestro, Luis Damora. A Forensic Records family favourite, Damora infuses his rendition with his trademark deep and driving percussive groove, introducing a different sonic dimension to 'Alleviate.' His melodic mastery adds a spicy touch, making it clear why he is considered a mainstay in the Forensic Records family.

Fordal’s ‘Alleviate’ (incl. Luis Damora Remix) is available from 16th February 2024 via Forensic Records.


Luis Damora

Forensic Records


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