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First NFT collection giving lifetime access to world’s best clubs & festivals unveiled

Do you want to be on The List?

You won’t need to text someone you haven’t talked to in ages to be on that list… And yes, if you follow the instructions, you will get that wristband!

With this first collection, Clubbing TV is bringing the electronic music scene’s most iconic accessory into the web3: The Wristband!

With massive festivals and clubs partners such as Amnesia Ibiza, World Club Dome, Supersonic, We Are Fstvl, Caprices, Forbidden Forest and many more TBA, “THE LIST” will be the only one you want your name always to be on.


7777 unique NFT wristbands will be minted, each single one of them adorned with a slug coming from the dance music lexicon, with various categories, colors, backgrounds and styles to ensure scarcity and rarity of the items of the collection.

“I play vinyl”, “You are not on the list”, “We prefer Z to A”, “Techno”, “Burning man changed my life” or “I hate airports” will be part of many different words and expressions coming from the scene’s terminology. Each wristband carries the rave culture on itself.

The 3D modeling, design and concept execution of the project is done by Broken Egg. Generative 3D rendering with more than 130 traits and millions of possible renditions out of which only 7777 will be created and immortalized on the blockchain.

The lucky owners of the two most rare categories will receive a physical bracelet, the IRL version of their NFT.


More than 150 exclusive items of the collection will grant a lifetime access to worldwide famous clubs & festivals such as Amnesia Ibiza (Spain), World Club Dome (Germany), Supersonic (India), We Are Fstvl (United-Kingdom), Caprices(Switzerland), Rampage Open Air (Belgium), Barcelona Beach Festival (Spain)...

This non-exhaustive list of iconic clubs and events is already growing and will be revealed a few days before the drop.


In addition to the IRL experiences, owning a wristband from THE LIST will give you a wearable perk in one of the biggest Metaverse, Decentraland. The wearable NFTs powered by DJenerates and Decentralgames will be airdropped to more than 5000 selected owners of the collection giving access to exclusive events in the metaverse and to the VIP area of the Amnesia & JENR8 virtual clubs.


Our collection would not have been complete without including some tokens in our wristbands. Our partner Klubcoin, the first cryptocurrency for all clubbers, festival goers and electronic music fans, has allocated 100,000 KlubCoins which will be hidden into some very special wristbands of the collection.


Real DAO activation, THE LIST NFT holders will have the power to create and manage a podcast and TV Show on Clubbing TV. With a voting system and brainstorming sessions on Discord, THE LIST community will choose how, who and what will be discussed on these programs.


As the first TV channel exclusively dedicated to dance music, Clubbing TV will offer a lifetime subscription to every NFT holder on to be able to watch the channel 24/7 on mobile or desktop.

Quotes :

Laureline Teste Wyrich, COO of Clubbing TV: “What we’ve always wanted at Clubbing TV is to create a solid community around every genre of the electronic music scene. The List is welcoming massive festivals and clubs with very different identities and styles which are all represented on the channel.
We believe that party people should be the ones making the rules in our industry and we aim to give a real voice to holders in this new chapter. We are in this for the long haul: the lifetime access, the collaborative podcast & TV show, the parties in the metaverse, the DJ springboards… And this is only a non-exhaustive list of what’s on our roadmap!”
Sergi Blaya, co-founder of KlubCoin: “KlubCoin being the first cryptocurrency for the electronic music industry, it seemed more than natural for us to partner with Clubbing TV and THE LIST NFT collection. Both The List wristbands and KlubCoin have real utility in the metaverse and IRL, so we are more than happy to offer KlubCoins to some lucky holders of The List collection and boost their utility!”

Do you want to be on The List?


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