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Eurostep’s PLSR imprint returns with Thuggin' Drums and Jame C's 'Killa' (incl. Chicks Luv Us Remix)

Three releases deep into the PLSR story, and Eurostep’s blossoming Tech-focused imprint are back with another emphatic offering from Brazilian talents Thuggin’ Drums and Jame C. Backing up releases on CUFF, Roush, Colapso and many more; they now join forces for ‘Killa’, which also features a poppin’ remix from respected Frenchmen and CLU Records label bosses Chicks Luv Us.

Kicking things off with the title cut, ‘Killa’ comes in hot with an onslaught of chunky drum grooves and rifling percussive swing to match its bumpy bassline, eerie strings and catchy vox shots. A guaranteed head-turner, with endless flow and playful twists, makes it a firm favourite for cranking up the heat on the dancefloor.

Chicks Luv Us round off the release with their remix, carving out a gritty analogue-heavy roller. Pumping beats and rippling sub-bass lead the way among stripped-back percs and hissing hat grooves to deliver a boisterous uptempo heater with a certified underground persona.

Thuggin’ Drums & Jame C's 'Killa' (incl. Chicks Luv Us Remix) is available now via PLSR.

Thuggin’ Drums: Instagram | Spotify | Beatport | Soundcloud

Chicks Luv Us: Instagram | Spotify | Beatport | Soundcloud


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