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Devstar and Tasty Lopez Unleash Fresh House Anthem 'Run From You' on Free House Music

Tasty Lopez and Devstar

Get ready to groove as Free House Music introduces the dynamic collaboration between Devstar and Tasty Lopez with their latest track, "Run From You." This release is not just another addition to the playlist; it's a powerhouse anthem set to shake up the scene in 2024. Download/stream it here

"Run From You" seamlessly amalgamates evocative nostalgia with contemporary sophistication, presenting a melodic opus primed for airwaves and dance floors. Devstar, esteemed for his mastery of classic house influences and DJ acumen, brings forth his expertise, deftly harmonising vintage undertones with modern innovations.

The multifaceted Tasty Lopez converges with Devstar, showcasing her prowess across vocals, DJing, and song-craft. Drawing from a mosaic of musical genres, Tasty Lopez imbues "Run From You" with her signature essence, enriching its fabric with her distinct vocal timbre, thereby ascending it to transcendent realms.

The genesis of "Run From You" is a collaborative tour de force propelled by zeal and ingenuity. Guided by Devstar's visionary direction and accentuated by Tasty Lopez's vocal finesse, the composition emerges as an irresistible fusion of pulsating rhythms, resonant basslines, and mesmerising vocal cadences, poised to enthral audiences from inception to outcome.

Whether one is a connoisseur of house music or an enthusiast seeking auditory enlightenment, "Run From You" beckons with a promise of novelty and allure. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating odyssey as you immerse yourself in the symbiotic synergy of Devstar and Tasty Lopez, where sonic innovation meets unbridled passion.


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