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David Agrella - MODULO 02 incl. Baby Ford, GNMR, NDR Remixes [Agrellomatica Records (AGR)]

David Agrella’s ‘Modulo’ is a classic cut from 2007 that gets remixed here for a new package on Agrellomatica Records.

It is the legendary minimal innovator Modulo (Baby Ford Remix) who opens up with a tune full of spookiness and dark vocals over the mid tempo drums. Modulo (David Agrella Re-work) by the original artist himself is a seductive one with late night charm and plenty of sleek minimal grooves. GNMR is an alias of Goa Club resident and Dubblack founder Gianmaria Coccoluto. His remix is quick and punchy, with balmy pads spiralling round and watery atmospheres sinking you in deep. Last of all is a remix from NDR that is more dark and atmospheric with a jungle vibe and steaminess that really permeates deep.

All in all these are great new versions of a classic tune.

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