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Brazilian producer TOMA releases his first solo EP, "Suspect Down", on TRM Rec.

Despite his more refined optimistic sound here, the producer does not ignore his familiarity with nostalgic Indie Dance elements

With an undeniable talent for creating thunderous, strong and immersive melodies, characterized by his background in the Indie Dance and Dark Disco styles, Brazilian producer TOMA is now demonstrating his versatility by exploring other sounds on his first solo release, the EP "Suspect Down" on TRM Rec. Despite a relatively recent career, the artist can already be considered a visionary in the bets he has been making. In less than a year on the dancefloors and in the studios, he has already received support and feedback from global artists such as Joris Voorn at Tomorrowland Brasil, as well as Yulia Niko, Deer Jade and others.

The reflection of this recognition comes from the creative construction consolidated by his careful selection of not-so-joyful synthesizers and references from the dark universe of Dance Music. Although Vinicius Tomazoni, aka TOMA, has only made collaborations so far, most of them have been extremely fruitful. An example of this is the release of the "Future Scream" EP in October last year, the result of the loyal partnership with Pietro (BR) on Print ID, which reached #1 on the Indie Dance charts and top #33 overall releases on Beatport.

With a positive response, marked by instant downloads from Ed Lopes, ELLA WHATT, Eli Iwasa, Vintage Culture and ZAC, "Suspect Down" is a very contemplative track, a characteristic that TOMA values when it comes to the listener's experience. With a dense mid-paced rhythm, the percussive sequence is made up of a bold, driving arrangement. Despite taking a more refined, optimistic approach, the producer does not forget his familiarity with nostalgic Indie Dance elements, such as jagged vocals and sharp objects that finish off a surface. Acidic textures bring a dancing, nostalgic drop, marked by a stab that warms up the dance floor at the peak of the night.

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