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Black Fancy Drops 'Fancies' EP on Descending Order

Black Fancy DJ

Fresh from a top-quality release on Cuttin Headz, Black Fancy delivers a trio of extraordinary cuts on Cristian Viviano's Descending Order imprint, making up his 'Fancies' EP. Download/stream it here

First up is "African Tribe," a mesmerising Jungle tune that seamlessly weaves Latin grooves with tribal influences. The result is a sonic masterpiece that gets you moving on the dance floor and creates an authentic party atmosphere. The rhythmic beats and exotic elements transport you to a vibrant world of celebration, making "African Tribe" a standout track in the EP.

Next in line is the invigorating "Love All Night," a track that embodies the essence of a fresh summer tune tailor-made for those sun-soaked seasons around the globe. The track's infectious beats and uplifting melodies radiate positivity and warmth, making it a perfect soundtrack for carefree moments and joyful gatherings.

Last but certainly not least is the pinnacle of the EP "Touch My Body." This track stands out as the crown jewel, boasting emotional melodies and a stunning vocal performance that takes listeners on an enchanting journey through the realms of love. The evocative lyrics and rich instrumentation create a sensory experience that tugs at the heartstrings, solidifying "Touch My Body" as the emotional centrepiece of Black Fancy's latest release.

In summary, Black Fancy's three-track EP is a musical tapestry that showcases the artist's versatility and ability to craft engaging compositions across diverse genres. 


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