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Betelgeize releases his new organic house album, ‘El Halcon Lucido y El Dragon Negro’

Accomplished DJ and organic house producer, Betelgeize presents an exhilarating album that showcases his versatility and consistency as a music producer. All seven tracks on the release incorporate dynamic percussion and heart-warming melodies.

Out now, the album has been released via the It’s Good To Be A Tree record label that is run by Betelgeize, but his tracks and remixes have also found homes on other labels ranging from Exotic Refreshment LTD to Leveldva.

The album titled “El Halcon Lucido y El Dragon Negro” tells the story of a fictional tribe who encounter a tricksy dragon that has plans to capture one of their leaders. It’s a quirky story that adds another layer to the music.

Three of the tracks on the release feature the vocals of African singer IKVA who adds her enchanting vocal tones to the album. There is also a collaboration with Valique who himself is a respected organic house artist.

Capítulo I - Vida Pacifica (Feat. IKVA)” is first of the seven tracks, and it has powerful percussion and majestic vocals that lour in the listener. After the scene is set, the mood of the music starts to change, and there are a variety of peaks and troughs with shifting tempo and energy.

Some of the highlights on the album include “Capítulo III - El Razllob” and “Capítulo VI - Vamos, Adios” as both of those tracks have a compelling energy that would work well on a dancefloor. Many of the other tracks are a little more atmospheric, and are focused more on the album’s storytelling concept.

You can buy the album HERE.


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