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Argentinian Producer Joan Retamero Releases Atmospheric Single “The Sunstar”

Flourishing Argentinian talent Joan Retamero sets up for an impactful end of 2023 with a multitude of activities paying testament to the rising force that he is. First up is this beautiful self released single, “The Sunstar”. Joan’s versatile sound shines strong here as he wanders elegantly between pensive shades of techno, melodic as it moves into the hazy hours of the night. Crisp drum patterns drive forward, conversing with the shimmering and uplifting synths, transcending the listener with its enchanting groove.

Joan’s grip is firmly tightened on a slew of strong releases in the coming months, his eccentric style earning him well deserved recognition around the globe. To finish the year he finds himself touring his native country of Argentina with a variety of gigs in several hotspots across the country.

Distinct atmospheres simmering throughout as Retamero showcases once more why he is one to watch in the coming months! The groundbreaking new track from Joan is accompanied by artwork from Noel Franco.

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