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AMKA Presents Debut Livestream And Single ‘Our Night’

AMKA stands as one of the most exciting melodic techno acts to emerge from Italy’s thriving underground circuit. With an anthology of unreleased gems to his name, the burgeoning talent launched his debut Livestream initiative with a heady performance recorded at the breath-taking Monastero di Santa Maria Di Colonna in Puglia, Italy. Formed entirely of original Track IDs from start to finish, AMKA’s emphatic arrival on the scene nods to what is undoubtedly, the beginning of an incredibly successful career.

The first offering from the stream’s impeccable track-list of never-before-heard cuts is the euphoric ‘Our Night’. A firm favourite from his recent set, the single champions anthemic bass stabs and twinkling synth work that, collectively, make for a rapturous listening experience. Vocal moments and groove-laden percussion give us an essence of AMKA’s progressive sound palette; one that finds comfort within festival mainstages and intimate club spaces alike. A richly versatile opener to his discography, ‘Our Night’ leaves us ready and wanting more from his immersive track-list of IDs that have yet to see the light of day.

Despite his young career, AMKA has already proven himself a worthy contender for techno’s upper echelons and has entered the touring playlists of some of the industry’s most recognised names, including Adriatique, Agents Of Time and Marino Canal. Presenting music with ample theoretic knowledge and creative flair, his forthcoming catalogue is sure to bring with it a host of dedicated listeners from across the globe, as he leads the resurgence of timeless Italian techno.

AMKA – Our Night is out now across all streaming platforms:


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