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Alexander Kowalski - Black Channel EP [Milligramme]

Release Title: Alexander Kowalski - Black Channel EP

Label Name: - Milligramme

Release Date: - Friday, March 15 2024 Exclusive Beatport - March 29th elsewhere (except Spotify and TikTok)

Track Listing:

1. Alexander Kowalski - Black Channel

2. Alexander Kowalski - Black Channel (Oliver Rosemann Remix)

3. Alexander Kowalski - Grey Area

4. Alexander Kowalski - Black Channel (Transmission Mix)

5. Alexander Kowalski - Grey Area (Tunnel Mix)

Kanzleramt has been one of the most influential, virtuous and innovative techno labels since the 1990s. Distributed by Neuton in it’s early beginnings, it fascinated not only Reusch and Kusserow. It fascinated everybody, even those who wouldn’t admit. Alexander Kowalski’s has been one of the musicians, who are in charge for the Kanzleramt saga.

His sound is characterized by an interplay of disturbing, crystal-clear and sometimes kinda scary melodies, dreamlike atmospheres, creative percussion and perfectly-shaped, yet highly compressed or destructive baselines. In his Berlin-based Damage Studios he has been collecting and experimenting with all kinds of gear for decades. Recently he released an online master-class for Sinee.

The track “Black Channel” was previously released on Nanogramme Ingredients Compilation Vol. 1. In a “Transmission Mix” he lifts it to another level. Oliver Rosemann contributed a remix, developing a brilliant harmonic tension from beginning til end, as well. In the track “Grey Area” Alex takes the main idea of “Black Channel” beyond remixing, capturing whole different atmospheres.


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