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Alex O'Rion drops stunning progressive house album, “Nostalgia”

Alex O'Rion
Alex O'Rion

Dutch artist Alex O'Rion's new album 'Nostalgia' blends different music styles, combining grooves, organic elements, and progressive sounds for a soulful journey with a playful nod to earlier electronic music.


Globally respected for his uplifting releases on labels spanning from Guy J's Lost & Found to Hernan Cattaneo's SUDBEAT, Alex has also shared his music through Anjunadeep, Meanwhile, Movement, and has been featured on compilations by iconic brands like Global Underground.


This album marks a natural evolution in Alex's career. Over the past 18 months, he was in the studio on an almost daily basis. Moreover, he brought the album on the road, drawing inspiration from the sights and sounds of his travels.


As a touring DJ, Alex has graced stages with headline sets across the globe, spanning from South America to Australia. The laidback warmth from these exotic destinations resonates within the immersive sound of this album.


The album is drenched in atmospheric vibes, yet retains the dance floor-focused energy that is the trademark sound of his uplifting style.


Working on the album allowed Alex to break away from his normal routines of producing bite-sized chunks of music that were released as singles or EPs, giving him the broad freedom to truly uncover the music that always resided within him.


In Alex's own words: "The album 'Nostalgia' gets its name because it reflects a sentiment that has grown stronger as I've aged. Fondly reminiscing about the music of a younger me, I often sense a certain soulfulness lacking in today's electronic music. In an attempt to explore this feeling, I went on a bit of a self-reset and a touch of reinvention. This involved changing my usual routines and adopting some old-school methods, such as sampling beats and instruments from vintage vinyl records, blending them with my current sound. The album is intended to feel personal and intimate for my listeners. I aimed to create a moment of intimacy, as if they are listening to the songs alongside me while on their way home."


The 14-track release will be available through Solis Records, Alex O'Rion's newly established record label, launched in 2023.


Buy the release HERE.


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