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Ale San releases "Martian Levitation"

Ale San - Martian Levitation - BANDCAMP

Track Listing:

1. Outta sync

2. Just A Second (Ft. Uncalled Guy)

3. There Will Never Be Another U

4. Fat Paws

5. Gecko

6. Liquid Desert

7. Sick Generator

8. Vanilla I Scream

9. We’re Just Dots feat. Luis León

10. Saucy

Record Sounds Like: Mall Grab, Skin On Skin, Swales

Ale San's "Martian Levitation," releasing on February 16, 2024, is a vibrant blend of electronic genres, echoing the styles of Mall Grab, Skin On Skin, and Swales. The album opens with "Outta Sync," setting a tone of rhythmic complexity and rich soundscapes. Notable tracks like "Just A Second" (featuring Uncalled Guy) and "There Will Never Be Another U" showcase Ale San's fusion of emotive bass with robust beats.

"Gecko" and "Liquid Desert" transport listeners to deeper realms but not at the cost of their dancefloor cred, while "Sick Generator" and "Vanilla I Scream" highlight dynamic, evolving rhythm. Ale San describes the album as "acid vibes, smooth house grooves, and a sprinkle of DnB magic".

In a generous move, "Martian Levitation" will be available for free download on Bandcamp. This album is a showcase of Ale San's rule-free, genre-blending musical ethos, marking a significant point in his artistic trajectory.

Artist Quote - "From acid vibes to smooth house grooves and a sprinkle of DnB magic – this record is like a musical session where genres I feel comfortable with just kick back and vibe together. It's the sound of me doing my thing, no rules, just good vibes."


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