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Yulo X delivers debut single 'UNISON'

Berlin-based music producer Felix Neumann presents his first single "UNISON" under the new alias Yulo X. "UNISON" is a captivating instrumental track that combines epic orchestral elements with a bass-heavy and danceable downtempo beat. A prominent piano part and a catchy string melody add depth and deep emotion to the piece. 

The single offers an intriguing preview of Yulo X's forthcoming album, blending styles from Cinematic Electronica, Ambient House, and Bass Music. With "UNISON," Neumann showcases his ability to create genre-crossing soundscapes that feel both nostalgic and contemporary. 

Fans can look forward to a unique mix of melodic and ambient elements, reminiscent of the atmospheric depth found in the works of Kiasmos, Bonobo, and Grandbrothers, yet distinctly marked by Neumann's signature production style. Known for his previous projects "a hundred times beloved" and "Fex Fellini," Neumann's new work under Yulo X continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, offering an immersive listening experience.

Pick up a copy and stream here -


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