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Veytik & Stephane Salerno drop new organic house EP, 'Slither' feat. MI.LA & AmuAmu

Veytik, Stephane Salerno

Baikal Nomads is a records label that continues to be a trusted source of downtempo and organic house with a new release by Veytik and Stephane Salerno.

Veytik is the main artist who features a solo track called “Soul” and a collaboration with Stephane Salerno called “Slither”. Slither is the EP’s title track and there are also remix versions by AmuAmu and MI.LA.

This isn’t the first time that Veytik and Stephane Salerno have worked together, as they have also collaborated on music that has been released on imprints including Cafe De Anatolia and Art Vibes Music. Each of them are a solo producer too, where Veytik has previously featured on Baikal Nomads along with others such as Shango Records, Harabe and Click Records. Stephane Salerno is working with Baikal Nomads for the first time, but has previously worked with other prestigious imprints including the likes of Pipe & Pochet and KataHaifisch.

Complementing the breezy sound and deep atmosphere of Slither are two stunning remixes. MI.LA provides the first rework in the melodic style she has showcased on imprints such as Exotic Refreshment and Camel Riders. AmuAmu is a downtempo artist who has released his trippy productions via imprints ranging from Cosmic Awakenings to Underyourskin Records.

Slither is first up on the EP, and it’s a mind-altering track with twinkling piano melodies and psychedelic guitar chords. Its shimmering vocal textures add to the angelic vibe of this light and breezy cut. Soul is the solo track by Veytik, and it has got a muffled vocal sample that inspired the track’s title. Soul has a vibe similar to the first track, but with a powerful snare drum giving it more of a rigid groove.

MI.LA’s rework of Slither gives a slight boost in tempo to lift the energy, and adds new percussion to create a magnificent version that’s got a melodic flow. AmuAmu takes things in the other direction, and works in a new bassline that gives Slither a low-slung groove with added psychedelia.

Out now, buy the release here.


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