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Chingis’s Baikal Nomads drops new organic house compilation, “Badarchin, Vol. 8”

Chingis - Baikal Nomads owner

Baikal Nomads is an influential organic house record label run by Chingis, and the imprint’s new release is the eighth edition of their annual compilation, ‘Badarchin’.

‘Badarchin, Vol. 8’ features 18 tracks including three collaborations, and artists from 9 different countries. This globally sourced release embraces cultural diversity, and features music with deep atmosphere, organic percussion and spellbinding melodies.

The artists who feature on this release include Alacrán del Amor, JAVALI (MX), Andrew Shartner, Böle, Borowsky, Catatonique, Cereus, Dj Shaman, Dragon House, Jocan Deka, Samuel Wexler, K2W0, Kerem Genc, Lello Fusco, m.age.project, Makossa (IT), Niño Amarillo, Savanna, Sainz (VE), Tlazohtla and Yodh.

Many of the artists on this release have previously been featured on Baikal Nomads, but there are also record label debuts by Dragon House, Makossa (IT), Borowsky, Böle, Savanna & Sainz, Jocan Deca & Samuel Wexler, Yodh, Alacran del Amor & Javali.

Each track on this stunning compilation is a new and exciting piece of music, and many of the artists behind the tracks have individually featured on other respected record labels such as • kosa •, Cosmic Awakenings, MONADA, Cafe De Anatolia, Magician On Duty, trndmsk and Harabe.

There are so many amazing tracks on the release that there is something for everyone, as although organic house is at the core of this compilation, ‘Badarchin, Vol. 8’ also features other associated genres ranging from melodic house/techno to Afro house and downtempo.

Buy the release HERE.


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