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Syncia - Syncia EP (Release LDN)

Not content with being one of London's best underground nights, the in house Release from Studio 338 is now also a record label. It launches with a new EP from Syncia.

First up, Raw Chant is a pulsing cut with barreling drums and sharp vocals, big room techno with a real sense of character. Bad Boy Sound taps into rich history of UK rave music with skewed bass and synths and wild vocal fragments all making for a potent club track that is utterly unique. I'm About To Go is a superb post-garage workout with 2step rhythms and pitched up vocals. The One closes out with a big, cantering cut featuring yelping vocals and swinging drums - all rave ready and sure to make an impact.

This is a superb new EP from what is sure to be a top label.


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