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Stimming's Hardware Focused "Elderberry" LP On Awesome Soundwave

At the heart of the Awesome Soundwave project is a dedication to live and innovative music and their latest body of work lives up to that perfectly.

Master of his craft Stimming showcases an all hardware LP that goes by the name of - “Elderberry”. Experience distinct atmospheres from beginning to end as Stimming steers you on a journey of ethereal techno, melding genres as he moves blissfully between the ten tracks. The beautiful long play will land on the 29th of September ready to be added to your collection.

For this enriched album Stimming decided to take a new approach to his production utilising hardware only embracing the challenges that it comes with but simultaneously the never ending outcomes as a musician. When stepping out of the box amazing things happen and Stimming tries to elevate this inspiration and funnel that into the “Elderberry” exploration, using machines such as blackbox/bluebox, intech controller, DOCtron IMC and various other gera throughout the tracks. Minimal editing was made on a computer at the end to condense arrangements.

Musically Stimming never shies away from depth and emotion, and manages to capture moments with each and every movement, something that can be found here in the likes of “Morgentau” and “Golden Tree”, the charming drive of tracks such as “The Seeker” or the raw and organic energy of “People Do” and “She Hates That Chord”. There is a sense of purity throughout.

A match made in heaven as Awesome Soundwave and Stimming meet, both aspiring to deliver timeless music and fresh and original ways and “Elderberry” is just that, embodying the ethos of both the label and artist. A first time collaboration, but hopefully not the last!

“My goal was to chase the energy that appears when playing around with hardware only, in contrast to 'designing' a track in the box, which, after so many years, I found myself to be tired of, the immediacy and playfulness from a hardware-only techno livejam is a different type of energy. It's not as precise and on-point like the "riser, noise and drop" mechanics but has more of a long-term, evolving energy that is aimed at listeners and dancers that understand techno more as a journey instead of a "closely guided freak out" - Stimming

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