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Slow Assembly drops his "Paramount" EP on Circuit Grooves

Circuit Grooves is set to end the year on a high note with Slow Assembly’s innovative release, "Paramount," dropping on Friday, December 29, 2023. This two-track EP see's Slow Assembly continue his work at the intersections of different genres, where Acid Jazz meets the pulsating world of house beats, souped up with beats that dance around a core of rhythmic complexity.

"Paramount" opens the EP with the the original mix, an embodiment of Slow Assembly's vision. Here, the synth work is ecclectic and engrossing, creating a soundscape where jazz’s improvisational spirit meets the steady drive of house music. Following this vibrant opener we have the ZOiD Remix, an Acid track that infuses the original with a fresh, eclectic twist, seamlessly blending the more jazzy synth elements with acid undertones.

Innovative and nostalgic. As the year comes to a close, "Paramount" stands as a statement from Slow Assembly and Circuit Grooves, blurring the lines between genres, and taking you along for the ride.

Record Sounds Like: Acid jazz. A literal blend of jazz and acid, breakbeats weaving around a core of house beats.


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