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Serkan Eles releases trippy organic house EP, “Joy & Euphoria”

Serkan Eles
Serkan Eles

Serkan Eles is the latest artist to join the Baikal Nomads roster with a stunning organic house release full of chilled vibes.


A Turkish artist living in Istanbul, Serkan Eles is a musician who transitioned from playing guitar to producing electronic music. His tracks are a blend of live musicianship and sequenced electronic sounds, and he has worked with respected record labels such as Pipe & Pochet, Sol Selectas, Bar 25 and Cafe De Anatolia.


"Not a Body" is the first of the four original tracks on this release, and it has got a slow burning groove with sparse percussion layered alongside tinkling melodies.


Tatha” is a truly psychedelic track that builds on a steady trajectory led by some captivating percussion, then it gets truly mind-blowing when the breakdown introduces a melody synth reminiscent of a guitar solo.


Joy” is a haunting track with beautiful melodies set against a spooky backdrop of distorted pads. Its hypnotic arpeggio and guitar chords add to the building tension, which is underpinned by a thick synth bass.


Euphoria” closes the release in magnificent style, as its feel-good piano chords and ethereal pads are propelled by up-tempo snare hits. It’s a sparkling track that feels like rays of glorious sunshine breaking through an overcast sky.


Get a copy of the release HERE.


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