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Sasha brings lau.ra, Locked Groove & Qrion to Last Night On Earth for a collaborative EP

lau.ra, Locked Groove & Qrion join Sasha for an epic collaborative EP to celebrate ten years of the Last Night On Earth label. ‘Dry & High’: Sasha’s recent collab with Qrion opens the EP with a lo-fi feast - a sweetly melodic vocal phased, fuzzed and shaped into an instrument over a stealthy cat-feet beat and quietly growling bass. A meditative musical mandala for those blissed-out club moments or intimate listening.

‘Burnt Letters’ (Sasha & lau.ra): complex yet danceable, percussive yet lyrical, a galloping beat with teasers of distorted vocal giving way to Lau.ra singing pure and clear in the extended breakdown and beyond, with a heartfelt elegy to love’s evanescence.

‘Exploding Suns’ (Sasha & Locked Groove): a dynamic hymn to chaos, exciting and doomy, as pulsing synths woven with half-heard voices tuning in and out alternate with phases of crazy, clattering percussion before a throbbing diminuendo takes us past supernova to eventual white dwarf.

Last Night On Earth Ten Volume III is out now here.


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