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Sam WOLFE and Turquoise Music release a new music video for their techno track, “Hold On”

Sam WOLFE & Turquoise Music

Sam WOLFE and Turquoise Music took the techno scene by storm when they released their track “Hold On” via UMEK’s record label 1605.

American artists based in Atlanta, Turquoise Music is a talented DJ, producer and vocalist, and Sam WOLFE is a revered techno producer who’s known for his music on scene leading record labels ranging from UMEK’s 1605 to Christian Smith’s Tronic.

Hold On is a dance floor hit that blew people away with its powerful acid stabs and the diva-esque tones of the invigorating vocals by Turquoise Music, which adds a captivating focal point to the pounding groove delivered by Sam WOLFE’s explosive percussion.

Following the success of the track, Sam WOLFE and Turquoise Music have commissioned a music video that adds a new dimension to the peak time energy of this spine-tingling track.

Turquoise Music directed and produced the video, she also worked as the Colourist to ensure that the mood and lighting matched the dark and compelling sound of the music. Talking about the video, Turquoise Music said: “The concept for "Hold On" originated from a desire to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere that would captivate viewers. To infuse the production with my distinctive style, which features costumes that illuminate in unique ways, became a key focus. The incorporation of the Indian-style humming towards the song's conclusion inspired a vision of belly dancing as a pivotal element.

“As an artist, I am dedicated to translate my personal artistic vision into my work, which is why I took on the roles of director, editor, and colourist for the video. Collaborating with Sam WOLFE, who shared a strong influence and gave vital input on the project, which led to a fantastic and productive video's shoot, resulting in a final production that I feel is visually stunning.

“The costumes were designed and styled by Geek Junky who’s also worked with Disney, Tyler Perry and Doom Patrol. Director of Photography was Micheal Garcia, and props, grip and gaffer was provided by Twinn Productions who are a staple in the Atlanta music scene.”

Out now, the video can be streamed below, and you can purchase the track HERE.


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