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Rising Belgian Artist STEYA Set to Make IMF Debut With 'Dopamine' EP


Belgian DJ and producer STEYA is set to make an impressive debut on Index Marcel Fengler (IMF) on 12th July with her thrilling EP, ‘Dopamine’.

This marks her as the ninth artist to release a complete body of work on the influential label, founded by the renowned Berlin-based artist Marcel Fengler. The five-track EP showcases STEYA’s talent and includes remixes by Rolando and Hertz, adding a unique touch to her original work.

Since her breakthrough in 2022, STEYA has been making waves in the techno scene, establishing herself as a regular at RSO Berlin, Grelle Forelle in Vienna and performing at prestigious events like Tomorrowland, Exhale, Rex Club, and Basement in NYC. Her production journey began with notable releases such as ‘Neon Reecho’ on RAW’s Third Eye compilation in 2021, ‘Elysian’ on BCCO’s second V/A, and ‘Prototype X’ on the ’10 Years of IMF’ compilation in 2022. She also contributed to the label’s HARDPROOF V/A series in 2023 with ‘Trigger Me.’

The ‘Dopamine EP’ is a culmination of 20 years of dedication to techno, reflecting a broad palette of sonic influences that emerged from her early days as a raver in Antwerp. It embodies STEYA’s resilience against a strict Jewish upbringing to immerse herself in the city’s thriving club scene. The EP also continues IMF’s philosophy of pairing a next-generation artist with respected heads of the genre, featuring long-time Swedish producer Hertz and STEYA’s hero Rolando in the remixes.

The ‘Dopamine EP’ results from two years of dedicated studio time. It starts with the electric title track, followed by ‘Fast Life’, a bass-led cut with a punchy synth melody. The EP also includes a remix of the title track by Hertz and ‘Things You Never Said’, which has a distinct Motor City vibe. Rolando’s remix of this track closes out the EP, showcasing deep simmering techno and extending the original by two minutes.

STEYA expressed her feelings about the release, “It’s a big honour to release my debut EP on such an amazing label like IMF, which is very close to my heart. I poured my heart and soul into this project. It showcases the artistic direction I’ve developed over the last few years and is an important milestone in my artist journey.”

Marcel Fengler, the founder of IMF, also shared his excitement, “After experiencing many of her stunning DJ sets, it’s wonderful to see her also thriving as a producer. What really excites me is witnessing her continuous growth, always fueled by her deep passion for music. So, I’m thrilled to release STEYA’s debut EP on IMF, featuring three original dancefloor anthems and two stellar remixes by Rolando and Hertz.”

The ‘Dopamine EP’ by STEYA is available on Index Marcel Fengler from 12th July 2024, representing a significant milestone in her career and the label’s commitment to promoting emerging talents in the techno music scene.




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