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Premiere: TheConnect x Skonka - Egyptian [Repopulate Mars]

TheConnect is TeeJay, an emerging LA-based artist who is making real moves with his distinctive take on forward-thinking house music. He has the skills to cast fine spells on the dance floor both as a producer and a DJ, and he shows that here with a series of fine collaborative cuts. You can buy/stream his latest EP on Repopulate Mars here:

“While growing up as a kid, dance music had a huge impact on me and changed my life forever. I’m excited to share my music and contribute back to the dance floor.” - TheConnect

The first with DFILA is 'Wet(2c)', a chunky and razor-sharp tech house groove with hefty bass and warped synths. Add in some clipped vocals, and you have the sound of the future now.

He then joins with Skonka for 'Egyptian', another rib-rattling cut that has robust drum funk overlaid with dark and sleazy vocals. It's as physical as house music gets, and the twitchy synths add plenty of sci-fi feels before the breakdown gets hands in the air and the drop blows up the floor once more.

Last but not least, Pensíon and Awsumo join TheConnect for the superb 'Sexo' feat. Lil Buena & Kuff. This one picks up the pace, with stiff but well-swung drums overlaid with Afro raps. A jumble of percussion and smart FX all pump the energy levels as fleshy bass keeps things moving.

Repopulate Mars


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