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Premiere: Sidney Charles - Trigger Shift [Heavy House Society]

Sidney Charles

Brace yourself for a thrilling voyage into Sidney Charles' domain with his recent work of art, the "Groove Avenue EP," presented by his esteemed label, Heavy House Society. You can grab your copy here:

Sidney Charles, a virtuoso in the house music scene, has left an unforgettable imprint on the genre. Booming basslines punctuate his distinctive interpretation of house music, the instant effect of hefty drums, profound low frequencies, and a rhythm that vibrates through your entire being.

Both as a DJ and a producer, Sidney Charles embraces the raw, gritty sounds that were the cornerstone of early house music. Still, he marries these traditional elements with a contemporary, robust, and powerful approach. His emblematic tracks, such as 'House Lessons' and 'Warehouse Romance' established his stature early in his career. Since then, he has persistently produced irresistible beats on respected labels like PIV, Hot Creations, and MOXY MUZIK, where his latest release, House 2 Heal, topped the genre chart on Beatport and garnered five plays on BBC R1.

Sidney's straightforward, dark, and potent interpretation of house music revolves around physicality - compelling your body to groove. He's more than just a DJ; he's a maestro of dance floor energy. His mixing technique, influenced by his profound affection for hip-hop and battle DJs, includes flawless beat matching, understated scratching, and quick mixes that maintain a non-stop rhythm.

The "Groove Avenue EP" packs a potent punch, setting your dancefloor alight. "Keep Rocking" features forceful beats, a vibrant groove, acid samples, and legendary vocal snippets that promise to rock any dancefloor. "Groove Avenue" exemplifies Sidney Charles' signature style with complex drum patterns, copious swing, and a groove that subtly captivates your senses and compels you to dance. "Danger Zone" melds traditional drums and stabs to inject contagious energy with a rolling bassline groove that invites you to dance, while playful hip-house vocals lend the track its unique character. "Trigger Shift" guides you on a trance-like journey featuring deep, laid-back grooves and classic '90s pads that captivate your senses and keep you engrossed in the rhythm.

With the "Groove Avenue EP," Sidney Charles demonstrates his unmatched ability to master the dancefloor, quickly enslaving you via The Sidney Charles Sound. Download/stream it via Heavy House Society from 10th November 2023.

Heavy House Society


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