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Premiere: Sam Welt - Odyssey [Terranova Records]

The Terranova Records team have been simmering with anticipation for their next body of work. Label regular Sam Welt turns out an unbelievable four track EP that goes by the name of, “Trip To Apollonia”. As the name suggests you can expect spaced out themes, and otherworldly textures, intricately designed within a sea of melodic and unconventional melodic techno. Opening track “Janus” demands the attention of its listener, a thunderous kick drives the track forward, as shimmering synths and pads begin to lift off, the track stays grounded with the forward motion. “Odyssey” is a serious encounter, never letting go. It grips you from the first beat, mysterious tones and elements work their way miraculously around the mechanical movements within the heart of the track.

Aeolia” is a track for the moments, you find yourself losing control of all of your senses as the subtle tones progressively become stronger and stronger before you are swept away. An intelligently produced track from the talented producer, an unforgettable dance floor experience. “Epicurus” sees the EP come to an end but does not take the foot off the gas. Further hazy morning action from Sam Welt, the complex design fitting perfectly for the small hours of the night. Non stop action from a label in high demand in 2022! Terranova Records bringing the noise once more with this quirky and eccentric four tracker from Sam Welt. Mind stretching magic from beginning to end.

Sam Welt's 'Trip To Apollonia' is out now on Terranova Records.


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