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Premiere: Onen - Bedouin [Polyptych Noir]

Polyptych proudly welcomes a new name to their brand, as well as to support the Ukrainian electronic scene in this difficult time.

Kyiv-based DJ and producer Onen started his career relatively recently, in the fall of 2021, but has already managed to be featured on such notable labels as Siona Records, Area Verde, Almar, La Mishka, and UNCLES MUSIC.

Having opted for a dark progressive and melodic sound, Onen sticks to and improves his style with each release, and we are happy to be part of a new step in his career with the release 'Atlantida', which includes two tracks steeped in deep atmospheric vibe and bright oriental motifs.

'Atlantida' EP by Onen is out on 13th May 2022 on Polyptych Noir.


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