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Premiere: Jimmy Allen - The B Side [Origins Rcrds]

Jimmy Allen

Liverpool's Jimmy Allen, steps into the spotlight with the scintillating "I'll Push, You Pull" EP, set to drop on the prestigious Origins Rcrds, curated by the eminent Josh Butler. From iconic venues to festivals like Suncebeat and ADE Amsterdam, Allen's influence extends beyond the dance floor and into production. You can buy it here:

"I'll Push, You Pull" reveals Jimmy Allen's production prowess. The title track bursts with energy, exuding funk and class, enticing you to the dancefloor. "The B-Side" follows suit with funky, jazzy influences and an uplifting chord-driven groove inducing euphoria.

"Downtown" paints a cool, fresh soundscape, perfect for evening energy, its smooth, elegant touch of deep house sophistication making it stand out.

The EP climaxes with the Jordan Peak Remix of "I'll Push, You Pull," delivering rave-influenced, powerful energetic track tailored for weekend revelry.

As Jimmy Allen asserts his musical prowess with "I'll Push, You Pull" on Origins Records, the dance music community anticipates an auditory journey transcending time and genre, solidifying his status as a luminary. Origins Records, under Josh Butler's curation, continues championing artists pushing sonic boundaries, making this release a must-listen for aficionados and newcomers alike.


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